Living, breathing brands

Business is a human enterprise, which is why human moments matter. The more human your brand, the better it communicates. The more human your business, the more successful it becomes.

Of course, success isn’t just about money. It’s about creating value, a feeling of belonging, a sense of contributing to something that makes a tangible difference. But where does that value come from?

The true value in your business lives in the hearts and minds of those that make things happen: people. Human beings involved in human enterprise. Harnessing their knowledge and skills is what fuels our economy - and our imaginations.

Imagination is your advantage

Albert Einstein once said, "Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand."

In many ways, these words are even more pertinent in today’s fast digitally-fuelled economy.

Great businesses sell imagination. They thrive on being unique. They use fresh ideas to learn, evolve, grow, support and survive. They channel it to create that innovative product, the wonderful service, and the exclusive customer experience that transforms a transaction into a genuine connection.

But what sparks that innovation and imagination? What fuels economies and successful brands? And how can you get more of that into your business?

The answer always lies in understanding why people make the choices they make. Why that morning coffee? Why that mobile phone? It’s knowing the small irrational and emotional attributes that make the biggest difference and can take your brand from ordinary to extraordinary.

The ability to do that stems from human moments. Those are the essence of exceptional brands. At Mad Hen, we find them.

And here’s how we do it.

What we do

Of course, no two businesses are the same, so what we do is tailored to what’s needed. That’s not us getting out of telling you what we do so here’s a list of the types of things we do here at Mad Hen:

  • Business and brand reviews
  • Business strategy
  • Marketing plans and planning
  • Investor communications
  • Workshops
  • Mentoring

The team

Sid, Mad Hen


I’ve worked for many of Europe’s most renowned and respected creative agencies including Conran Design Group, Wolff Olins and CGI. And I’ve learnt a huge amount but it all comes down to one simple thing - the better your relationship is with your customers the better your business is.

My work has covered all aspects of brand communication, from corporate reporting to international branding projects for many leading brands including Heinz, IBM, Jaguar and VISA. Whether you’re in charge of a global brand or an SME the process is very much the same. The real buzz comes in finding a common truth: every successful brand builds value into the relationships they have with their customers. They inspire their staff and customers to believe in the products and services they offer. "Finding those special connections which build ‘valuable and emotional relationships’ is what makes the work I do so inspiring."

We love what we do and every project is unique and great fun. If you’d like to know more, then please ask.

Contact Sid Madge at

Dave, Mad Hen


I started my career as a traditional illustrator/designer before discovering computers and moving into interactive design 20 years ago.

I’ve worked on numerous award-winning interactive projects from CD-ROMs to websites and mobile apps. I’m lucky to have provided interactive consultancy and brand work for Freeserve, designed interactive projects for Sony, BT, BP, PWC, QinetiQ and Yell and developed e-commerce solutions for Marks and Spencer and POSL.

Over the last couple of years my responsibility has been for the design and user interface of over 20 iPhone & iPad applications. For any interactive project to be truly successful it has to combine three things - it has to be intuitive, beautiful to look at and above all, a joy to use. Finding those three things is what makes me tick.

Contact Dave Hornsby at

Bilbo the Springer Spaniel


I’m Bilbo, and I’m a Springer Spaniel. I’ve been with Mad Hen from the very start, so I’m quite an important member of the team. I travel quite a lot with Sid, but I’m happiest when I’m at home, with free run of the garden and the wilds of North Wales.

I’m an avid swimmer and a lover of any film featuring Gandalf!