Terms & Conditions

Mad Hen Limited (Mad Hen) Hafod Fawr, Llandderfel, Gwynedd, LL23 7RN

MAD HEN promises to enhance the quality of relationships that people have with your brand, to develop your business and improve performance.

By accepting Mad Hen’s proposal for services, you are agreeing to the Terms and Conditions, detailed below.

We agree to work together:

A. Mad Hen will provide and you will the Consultancy Services subject to the terms and conditions (below) which you should read. Mad Hen will work with you to achieve greater results for you.

B. You have asked us to provide these Consultancy Services

The Consultancy Services will initially be limited to:

Stage 1:

Attending an initial meeting with you to discuss your brief and your objectives for the project.

Stage 2:

Preparing a report, analysing your brief and your objectives for the project, including finding your brand’s unique qualities and understanding your current business strategy.

Stage 3:

Preparing and agreeing with you a plan of action to achieve your objectives, including redefining your business strategy and a brand strategy.

The cost for the above stages, and time scales, have been set out in Mad Hen’s proposal to you.

1 Mad hen’s obligations

Mad Hen will:

2 Your obligations

The Customer will:

The Customer will not solicit, employ or hire any Mad Hen staff who provide the Consultancy Services during this Agreement or for 9 months afterwards.

3 Price and payment

4 Changes to this agreement

5 Confidential documents and intellectual property

6 Accepting and excluding liability

Mad Hen accepts liability:

Except as stated, Mad Hen shall not be liable under this Agreement for:

No action arising out of this Agreement may be brought by either party more than 2 years after the last of the Consultancy Services were performed or the last payment was made (whichever was the later).

7 Remedies when we cannot resolve any disputes

8 General