Think Say Do

Simple, but significant

How do you find the power that gives a brand the personality and substance that creates meaningful connections with people? It’s all about imagination at work, from the deepest roots to the highest branches. We approach all of our brand projects using a process we call Think, Say, Do.


A breath of fresh thinking

Fresh thinking is at the forefront of every powerful brand. Your brand is different, unique, and we gain insight into what makes it so by asking clever questions.

We start by applying imagination, exploring and understanding your brand from every angle - thinking about how it should communicate with the people you serve, and how they will reciprocate. Thinking about the markets you compete in, and how they will react. Thinking about your future business plans and challenges, and how you can prepare for them. And, most importantly, thinking about the personality traits that will give your brand the power to connect deeply with the people that matter most, and make them feel like they belong.


The language of imagination

Here’s where we unwrap the clever thinking to give your brand an identity that resonates with every one of your audiences in a unique way. Questions become answers. Thoughts become visions. Truths become plans.

We lay all the imagination out for you, on a page or in a workshop, until you know exactly where you are, and where you’re going. We’re honest about how your brand can become meaningful to customers, clients, competitors and prospects, how your product or service can become the one (instead of one of many), and how to express your brand’s qualities in a way to elicit the response you want, by capturing your audiences right where it counts - their hearts.


Brand: hatched

Smart preparation is worth nothing without putting it into action. We thread all the imagination together until we know who needs to be involved, what tools we need to use, and the approach we need to take to hatch your brand. Then, we do it.

Your brand values, mission, behaviours and vision are redefined and refined, your communications are developed with a style and substance your audiences will truly connect with, and your business is supported, through both successes and challenges, by whatever creative tools necessary. We work until all the imagination culminates in a brand that looks the part, sounds the part, and - most importantly - feels the part. Once it’s positioned in the market, we assess its success and adapt and grow with it, for as long as you need.

You can create those human moments with your audiences, you just have to know how. To discover how we can use imagination to make your brand mean so much more, talk to us today.

There’s method in the Mad(Hen)ness.